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Our links to other schools

We are very lucky to have lots of links with other schools, in and around our local area, as well as internationally. Click the pictures below to visit their websites or see more pictures.

St Nicolas C of E School, Newbury

st nics

We have strong links with our feeder school being able to have combined church services and have the children become buddies for our growing Year 2's. We look forward to our Pentecost service together with a picnic to celebrate after!

St Mary's School, Tove, Ghana

St John the Evangelist school has had a link with St Mary’s Tove in Ghana for well over 10 years.  St John’s raises money annually for the school in Tove, the Friends of St John’s contribute a percentage of their funds raised each year and the school usually holds an event to raise funds.  Last year the money raised was used to buy uniforms for the children.

The Bishop paid a very short visit to the school at the end of March and he was able to tell us that the money raised this year would be for tables for the children and staff – something we take very much for granted.  There will be a Ghana day on July 10th to raise funds for the much needed tables.


Park House

park house

A fantastic PE partnership!

Boyne Hill School

boyne hill

We have joined our School council with Boyne Hill School council, where we share ideas and think of exciting ways to welcome and involve the school!

St Barts

st barts

We look forward to another Sports Day at Bartholomew's School. We are lucky to have students help with the running and organisation of the day!


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