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Music is everywhere at St John's.


Singing can be heard throughout the school and across the school day extending and supporting the curriculum, and there is a strong whole school focus on singing - worship through song, an annual singing day, a weekly music quiz and singing at sparkle time, - bringing fun and creativity to all areas of learning.   


Children are given many opportunities for performance throughout their time at St Johns’ and a popular year 2 choir club runs after school which sings at school events, at church and in the wider community.  


Music is used across the school to deepen each child’s own love and appreciation of music and also to support learning across the curriculum.  



Children are encouraged to express their own response to music from around the world in different ways including art and movement.  They will learn about musical concepts and vocabulary, such as tempo and rhythm and will have opportunities to create their own compositions, which show progression across the school. 

In the Early years setting, children explore music and performance during independent workshop time and in more focused carousel groups, with instruments and CD players freely available.  In years 1 and 2, children are taught by a music specialist, learning percussion and then the ukulele, as well as developing their appreciation and understanding in class.                            

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