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Autumn Term - Time Travellers

time traveller

Where in time will we go?  What will we find? 

We will be looking at different times and events in  history, bringing them to life and using all our learning powers to find out all about them. 

The Great Fire of London

Which clues did you find in the time machine to take us to the Great Fire of London 1666? 

Why was there some burnt bread? A quill and diary? And especially, a piece of cheese? 

When did the Great Fire happen and how long did it last? How did they manage to put out the fire? Where did it start?

How do you think you would have felt to have been there? 

What evidence have we found that proves the Great Fire took place? 



World War 1 1914 - 1918

ww1 trench

We will at what life would have been like in the trenches.

What did the soldiers eat? How did they spend their time? 

We will look at letters which the soldiers wrote home and have a go at writing our own.  

We will learn about a special gift sent to the soldiers fighting at the front and a special game of football which happened one Christmas Day. 

We will learn about how animals helped to fight this terrible war and about some of the new inventions of the time, including a Zeppelin airship. 

We will learn about a brave hero who lost her life while helping others - Edith Cavell. 

What do you know already about the war? Do you know anyone from your family who fought in the war? 


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